Picture Title
Condition Monitoring of Shock Absorbers
A method of compensation of environmental and operational conditions for guided wave-based structural health monitoring
Efficiency improvement of point absorbing wave energy converters by using motion-coupling
The control of the turbulent boundary layer on a flat plate using micro-cavities
Effective harnessing of spatially and temporally concentrated hydro-kinetic energy utilising bluff bodies
Investigation of nanomaterial acoustic absorption mechanisms at the audible frequency range
Active control of jet noise using an unsteady microjet array
Oscillating Systems for Ocean Wave Power Harvesting
Investigation of a Carbon Nanotube Acoustic Absorber
Application of Helmholtz resonators excited by grazing flow for manipulation of turbulent boundary layers
Experimental investigation of stall noise of symmetrical airfoils
Acoustic and Vibration Condition Monitoring of Bearings and Defect Size Estimation
Investigating the Mechanics of Sound Propagation through Hot Exhaust Jets with Cross-Flow
Active Exhaust Silencer
Energy Maximizing Control of Carnegie's CETO Wave Energy Converter
Development of a Large Hexapod Robot for 6-DOF Vibration Testing
Development of non-model based adaptive control algorithms for ocean wave energy converters
Investigation of the effect of wake interaction on wind farm noise emission
An investigation of the behaviour of a 3-tether point-absorbing wave energy converter
Harnessing hydro-kinetic energy from vortex-induced vibration
Active control of fan noise in a high temperature exhaust stack
Synchrophasing Two Axial Fans in a Duct
Finite Element Analysis of Active Vibration Isolation Using Vibrational Power as a Cost Function
Directional sound sources for localised active noise control
Development of next generation mirror mechanism
Virtual sensing and active noise control using structural transducers
Active Noise Control Primer
Active control of aircraft interior noise - Fundamental studies
EZ-ANC II Active Noise and Vibration Controller
Generalising Acoustic Radiation Modes for Active Noise and Vibration Control of Large Structures
Engineering Noise Control Software
Development of an Adaptive Helmholtz Resonator for Industrial Exhaust Stacks
Active noise control in a light aircraft
Matlab code for acoustic and vibration problems
Application of inertial actuators to a two-stage vibration isolator - Feasibility study
Boundary Element Analysis Tutorial and Software
Physical system optimization for the active control of electrical transformer noise
Wing Borne Hydrofoil
6 Axis Active Vibration Isolator
6 Axis Force Transducer
Investigation of External Acoustic Loadings on a Launch Vehicle Fairing During Lift-off
Active Vibration Control Using ANSYS
Adaptive Tuned Vibration Neutraliser
Active noise control of siren noise within an ambulance
Adaptive Exhaust Silencer for Diesel Engines
Development of a multi-channel low cost electronic controller for feedforward active noise control
Ultrasound for the Control of Cyanobacteria
Active noise control inside a launch vehicle payload bay
Waste Heat Driven Thermoacoustic Refrigerator
Structural Sensing and Actuation for Active Control of Sound Radiation
Active control of noise in submarines - Fundamental studies
An Insect Inspired Object Tracking Mechanism for Autonomous Vehicles
Active control of aircraft interior noise - Fundamental studies
Flow and noise modelling of wing-in-junction flows
Active control of flexural waves in beams
Active vibration control of engine noise in submarines
Active control of noise propagating in air duct systems
Active vibration control of gearbox vibration
Active vibration isolation of machinery platforms
Digital Acoustic Energy Density Probe
Phase insensitive algorithms and adaptive structures
A sensitivity analysis of side-view mirror design parameters
Stability analysis of feedforward active systems
Active Control Of Higher Order Duct Modes Propagating In Large Industrial Exhaust Stacks
Defect Detection of Rolling Element Bearings using Vibro-Acoustic Signatures
Active control of vibratory power flow in rib-stiffened structures
Application of neural networks to active noise and vibration control
Active Vibration Control of a Piezoelectric Laminate Plate using Spatial Control Approach
Active control of sound transmission into irregularly shaped enclosures
Integrated On-Line Condition Monitoring And Failure Diagnosis In Induction Motors
Non-Linear Dynamics Of Magnetic Bearing Systems
Development of a large multi-channel (100 channels) floating point electronic control system for feedforward and feedback control
Design of an adaptive dynamic vibration absorber
The aeroacoustics of finite wall-mounted cylinders
Active noise reduction of a leaf sweeper
Multi-axis, multi-mount vibration isolation of rigid bodies from flexible structures
Active Control of Aerodynamic Noise
Minimisation of Sound Transmission via Radiation Modes
Development of communications system utilising adaptive inverse filtering
3D Acoustic Energy Density Probe
Application of micro-perforated membranes and impervious bembranes for noise barriers
Modern control theory for a VTOL aircraft
Finite Element Analysis of an Industrial Reactive Silencer
Advanced actuator technologies for automotive mirror control
Design of a vibration isolation table with non-contact magnetic springs
Nonlinear dynamics and control of magnetic bearing systems
Passive Noise Control in Rocket Payload Bays
Monopole Acoustic Sources for Active Noise Control
Virtual sensors for active noise control