Acoustics Vibration and Control Research Group

The Acoustics Vibration and Control (AVC) Group has diverse research interests including active noise and vibration control, kinematics, dynamics and control, ultrasound, vibration isolation, thermoacoustics, vibro-acoustics, underwater acoustics, noise control and many more.

In addition to teaching and research, our staff are available for consulting work.

The AVC group was established in 1987 with a grant from the Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith fund for fundamental studies leading to a system to actively control aircraft cabin noise. The aim of the group was to undertake fundamental and applied research in active noise and vibration control and to apply the results of research to the development of commercial controllers and to the installation of practical systems in industry. Since then, the research activities of the group have expanded to encompass a wide range of research topics.

Acoustics Vibration and Control Group