Engineering Acoustics

A practical course in acoustics that will equip you with knowledge and skills in acoustics for your engineering career. Available on-campus and distance learning. Many students have gone on to be employed as acoustic consultants. 

Reverberation Chamber

Course outline

See the course outline on the University of Adelaide web site.

Engineering Acoustics - Summer School

Student Feedback

If I were to compare Carl to the general level of teaching in Mech Eng (first and second year, not including Y), he would redefine the standard, ie he is brilliant. He could improve student learning by teaching more courses. Seriously though, acoustics was a very short course and he absolutely nailed it, I could only speculate on what he could improve on.

He is engaging, interesting and knowledgeable. He is excellent at applying the theory learnt to practical situations. He clearly cares and is passionate about acoustics, this makes learning the course rewarding and enjoyable.”

He shows genuine care and what he tells us is always clear.  Learning objectives are clearly identified.  He relates theoretical ideas to real life applications which places everything into context.  I have no complaints whatsoever about Carl, one of the best lecturers I've had throughout Uni.

Live demonstrations to reinforce the theory presented

Carl's demonstrations of various pieces of equipment are really good, they make learning interesting and show how acoustics works in a practical application.

This lecturer has tons of knowledge, love that about him, love his personality which is quite important while a lot of teachers ignore this, I mean by his personality is how he interacts and communicate with other students in the lecture.

I love his positive feedback, and love the way he answers our questions and encourage us to ask every time. This is the best aspect of Cart (sic) and definitely on my Top 3 lecturers at the lectures university for me. Thankyou