Advanced Proportional - Integral - Derivative (PID) Control is the follow-on course from Dynamics and Control 2.

Students will be introduced to advanced multi-degree of freedom system analysis techniques for vibroacoustic systems, including modal analysis, statistical energy analysis and finite element analysis. Introduction to mechanical signature analysis; vibration measurement and instrumentation;… Read more


Students will be introduced to various applications of feedback control systems and develop fundamentals associated with modelling, analysis, design and simulation of automatic control systems. This course also aims to introduce the basic concepts of machine dynamics and their engineering… Read more

Dynamics and Control 2 teaches the first courses in vibrations, and acoustics, and more advanced topics in automatic control.


A practical course in acoustics that will equip you with knowledge and skills in acoustics for your engineering career. Available on-campus and distance learning. Many students have gone on to be employed as acoustic consultants.


Finite Element Analysis is one of the most widely used engineering analysis software tools for mechanical engineers. This course will equip you with skills and experience to conduct FEA, and to be a discerning reviewer of an FEA report.


The AVC Group is always on the lookout for high-calibre students to undertake a PhD, Masters by Research, or Masters by Coursework.

We receive many enquiries from international students seeking to do a PhD. Sometimes there are scholarships that are available from a… Read more