Dr. Adrian Jones graduated from the University of Adelaide with a PhD in acoustics. He has worked extensively in underwater acoustics.

PhD Thesis "Noise characteristics and exhaust process gas dynamics of a small 2-stroke engine" (1978)

Research Scientist
PhD Thesis "Application of the Multi-Modal Integral Method (MMIM) to sound wave scattering in an acoustic waveguide" (1999)

Acoustic consultant at Renzo Tonin and Associates

Alireza graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Masters (Advanced), and a PhD in vibration condition monitoring of bearings.

He has worked as an acoustic and vibration consultant… more


  • Dean’s Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence, 2016
  • Top-up scholarship, 2011. As part of ARC Linkage Grant with University of Adelaide and TrackIQ (Industry partner).

PhD Thesis "Vibration signatures of defective bearings and defect size estimation methods"

co-CEO at Marshall Day Acoustics

Amanda Robinson is co-CEO of the Melbourne office specialising in building and room acoustics. She is a professionally qualified mechanical engineer who has specialised in acoustics since… more

Chief Executive Officer at Aftercare
Dr. Andrew Young graduated from the University of Adelaide with a BE (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, and completed a PhD on the topic of active vibration control. He is now the Chief Executive… more
PhD Thesis "Active control of vibration in stiffened structures" (1995)


Research fellow and manager, lecturer, control system engineer
PhD Thesis "A study of a Gough-Stewart platform-based manipulator for applications in biomechanical testing" (2014)

Byron completed a Master of Applied Science in acoustics at School of Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Adelaide. He has had an… more


Samuel Langley Distinguished Professor of Engineering
Roanoke Electric Steel Professorship

Prof Chris Fuller received his bachelor's degree and Ph.D. from the University of Adelaide.

Samuel Langley Distinguished Professor of Engineering
Roanoke Electric Steel Professorship
2005 – Graduation Speaker, Charles Darwin University
2000 – Virginia Tech Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research
1996-1997 – Virginia Tech Alumni Award for Excellence in Research
1996 – NASA Team Achievement Award for Creative and Pioneering Studies on Active Noise and Vibration Control
1994 – ASME Best Paper in Adaptive Structures
1992 – Best paper in Structures Directorate, NASA Langley Research Center
1991 – International Journal of Applied and Experimental Modal Analysis, Best Paper of 1990 Publication Year

PhD Thesis "Propagation and reactive attenuation of low frequency sound in hard-walled ducts with and without flow" (1978)


Principal Acoustic Engineer and CEO of Sonus Pty Ltd, acoustic consulting company.

M.Eng.Sc., B.E. (Mech) (Hons) MAAS
Chris Turnbull is the Principal Acoustic Engineer and founder of Sonus. Chris formed Sonus in March 2002, having worked at Bassett Acoustics for seven… more

Masters Thesis "Active control of extensional waves in an elastic rod"

Masters Thesis "Design of an adaptive dynamic vibration absorber" (1999)